Unlike a piece of sculpture or other work of art, in order to truly understand and appreciate a labyrinth, one must walk the path.  The act of prayerfully moving along the winding path to the center and then out again can help add new focus and depth to one’s spiritual discipline.  The Christ Church Labyrinth has become a regular part of the life of the church. Individual parishioners and visitors from the community are a common sight as they walk thoughtfully around the labyrinth at all times of the day. Children from the preschool make regular visits to the labyrinth with their parents and teachers, and participants in the Easter Vigil have become accustomed to walking the labyrinth as well. We invite you to join your fellow parishioners who have discovered how this stone treasure can deepen and illuminate our prayer life as one traces the circular pathway to the center and out again.  For more information about the labyrinth, please contact us by filling out this contact form.