We believe in committed lifelong partnerships that express the love of God in a bond of mutual support and fidelity, for both opposite-sex and same-sex couples. When a couple desires to be married, one of our priests on staff works with them to prepare their hearts and to plan their ceremony.

At Christ Church, we see the preparation and celebration as an opportunity for the couple to come closer to God and grow in faith. Our policy is that at least one party to the marriage be or become a member of Christ Church. Pastoral consideration is given for adults who grew up at Christ Church and now live at a distance from Wilmington who are coming "home" to be united in marriage.

For a copy of "Holy Matrimony at Christ Church," click here.

We ask for a six-month preparation period in order to complete the necessary counseling and planning. The first step in making a request for a ceremony at Christ Church is to contact Sherry Lawton-Fasic by filling out this contact form.

When individuals join lives, they build one common, shared life. Planning for the future, the couple should design a will to specify the use of material assets that are brought to the marriage. For information on creating a will or considering a planned gift, click here.