To be confirmed in the Episcopal Church is to affirm that you intend to lead a Christian life. With the laying on of hands and prayer, the Bishop blesses candidates in Confirmation. If you were confirmed before in another denomination but now practice the Christian faith in the Episcopal Church, the Bishop offers a different prayer to receive you into this denomination. 

Being Confirmed or Received makes a statement that you identify yourself as Christian and an Episcopalian, an active member of Christ Church, at least for this part of your journey. If you are new to our parish, this ritual can help ground you as a member.

Confirmation is held in the spring of each year.

Adult Classes

Do you want to learn more about Christ Church or about Christianity? Are you considering becoming a member of this worshiping community or want to be Confirmed or Received into the Episcopal Church? If so, then this is the class for you! This is the preparation for adult confirmation and reception into the Church. For more information, please contact The Rev. Ruth Beresford, Rector, by filling out this contact form.

Youth Classes

The sacrament of Confirmation is a continuation or completion of Baptism. It is like bringing your faith full circle in a deliberate way and is a very important step in any person's faith journey. For more information on youth Confirmation, click here