Quiet Days

Quiet Days are offered during the church year as time set apart for prayer, meditation, reading, reflection, and silence. These days allow participants to depart from their usual routine and focus inward. The Greek word for church, ekklesia, means "called out of the world" and refers to the calling of people from their ordinary life to gather together in sacred time and space. Here we listen for God as our souls are shaped and renewed. Clergy and invited guests lead our Quiet Days, which may include self-guided interactive prayer stations and labyrinth walks. For more information about Quiet Days, please contact Betsy Field by filling out this contact form.

Advent Prayer Stations - December 10

You are invited to take a deep breath and step away from the bustle and crowds and discover the wonder, awe, and expectation of the season of Advent. The Chapel will be transformed into a sacred space filled with self-guided, interactive prayer stations and places for quiet reflection. Discover how these stations create openings for each of us to experience God. All ages are welcome on Sunday, December 10 from 8 AM to 5 PM.