Opportunities to Serve in Worship

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Acolytes are an integral part of our worship at Christ Church.  This ministry is a wonderful way to serve as a leader in the parish, to develop new friendships, and to learn about the holiness of worship. Those who are 13 years or older who have participated in the Rite-13 liturgy may serve as acolytes. Hands-on training sessions will take place in September. Those who served last year who have not yet indicated their desire to continue this fall and those who would like to begin serving as an acolyte are invited to join. For more information, please contact Chuck Durgin and Ted Waugh by filling out this contact form.

Altar Guild

Liturgy begins and ends with the work of the Altar Guild. To care for the sacred vessels, the bread, wine, and candles, the linens, frontals, and hangings used for worship in the Church and Chapel is far more than a task—it is a true ministry. Serving on the Altar Guild is a way to share your talents to the glory of God. Currently, the Altar Guild consists of 57 members. Each member is assigned to a team, and each team serves in rotation throughout the year. The group welcomes new members, and training sessions are offered. For more information or to join this ministry, please contact Kim Nelkin by filling out this contact form.

Bread Bakers

Jesus said, "Take, eat: This is my Body, which is given for you.  Do this for the remembrance of me." A group of parishioners bakes communion bread for the 9:00 AM service during the program year. These words of the Eucharist are the heart of their ministry. Folks work from a simple recipe that is now gluten-free, allowing all to share the same bread. For more information, please contact Isabella Patty by filling out this contact form.

Church Adornment

The Adornment Team decorates our worship spaces for special holidays/seasons - Advent, Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Christ the King, and Thanksgiving. Team members plan designs throughout the year and then decorate and adorn the Church and Chapel, transforming our already beautiful spaces into something truly spectacular. All are welcome to join, regardless of experience level. For more information, please contact Amy Johnson by filling out this contact form.

Eucharistic Ministers & Lectors

Eucharistic Ministers are licensed through the Diocese of Delaware to serve the chalice during Eucharist and read the lessons or prayers of the people. Lectors read the lessons appointed for the day. Currently, 61 parishioners serve in these roles. Recruitment of Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors is ongoing, and annual training sessions occur throughout the year. For more information, please contact Jamie Holden by filling out this contact form.

Eucharistic Visitors

Trained parishioners bring Holy Communion to anyone who is unable to come to Sunday church services. If you or anyone you know would like to receive Communion, please contact Joe Stoeckle by filling out this contact form


Greeters offer the ministry of hospitality and welcome. Coming to church is about building relationships, not only with God but also with a faith community. It means so much to the stranger who first approaches the doors of our church to know that we welcome new members to join us in the worship of God and service of Christ in this church and in the world. Volunteers are always needed for this ministry. For more information, please contact Connie Alegranti by filling out this contact form.

Needlepoint Kneelers & Vestments Preservation

A group of needlework and sewing enthusiasts inspect, gently clean, and repair the needlepoint kneelers and clergy vestments on a regular basis. In the early 1960's a group of Christ Church ladies, inspired by the needlepoint kneelers at the National Cathedral, began a kneeler project here at Christ Church. Over 20 years many parishioners and friends contributed time and talent to the completion of more than 400 pieces. Nancy du Pont Reynolds Cooch created the designs. Each cushion depicts a symbol that relates to some aspect of our Christian faith and life. For more information or to participate in this ministry, please contact Barbara Morgan or Lynne Swartz by filling out this contact form.

Copies of Needlepoint Kneelers: A Collection of Religious Symbolism are available for purchase in the Church Office for $10. This book contains the history of the project, includes photos of the designs, and details the symbolism found on each kneeler.


Individuals and families typically usher at the 9:00 AM service each week, while men and women serve on usher teams at the 11:00 AM service and on special occasions. Ushers greet parishioners, hand out bulletins, assist anyone who needs help, and collect and count the offering. Folks generally serve once every other month, so this is a great opportunity for those seeking a role with a low time commitment. Additional ushers are needed for both services.  For more information, please contact Nancy Greenberg (9 AM) or Rod Maroney (11 AM) by filling out this contact form.

Wedding Ministry

Members of the Altar Guild make up our Wedding Ministry and, currently, eleven parishioners take part in this. Two members are assigned to assist with each wedding at Christ Church; their role is to support the clergy and to offer guidance to the couples being married, assisting with all of the details of their celebration. For more information, please contact Gina Pike by filling out this contact form.