Worship at Christ Church

As an Episcopal Church, our worship is grounded in the tradition of sacrament, outward and visible symbols conveying the deep meaning of God’s presence transforming our inner lives so that we are strengthened for life’s journey and empowered for Christian witness and service.  The Book of Common Prayer provides the frame for worship.  Adopted by The Episcopal Church to accompany the Holy Bible, the BCP is a resource for our expression of faith, our belief about God, and our practice of prayer and worship.

In the worship of the Episcopal Church, it has been said we pray what we believe.  The words and practices of our worship shape our understanding of God’s nature, of our humanity, and of our need for grace and forgiveness, strength and encouragement. Worship is crafted to engage your senses and your whole being, physical and spiritual. Even if it is your first time worshiping with us at Christ Church, we want you to join us in saying the prayers and singing the hymns, in taking in the sights and sounds of prayers and praises.  In Episcopal worship, everyone takes part.

We invite you to join us at any service of worship.  For most services our staff creates a Bulletin to guide you through the service, so you will want to keep it handy.  When you choose a place to sit, take a moment to look around the sanctuary, even the kneeler at your feet.  Let the simple beauty fill your eyes.  If you arrive before the worship has begun, you can center yourself in a moment of quiet prayer, that your mind and your heart will be open to receive God’s presence and power for you.  You may hear the organ playing a prelude.  This is not music you hear every day, and it is another way to set this time apart.  Even the act of sitting in quiet contemplation counters the noise and bustle of daily activity.  The Church and Chapel are open every day, and our labyrinth exists to support you as you search for God’s wisdom in the quiet of your prayer.  You are welcome here.