"What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?" - Micah 6:8

This ministry provides the framework for our community to live out its baptismal covenant as a Christian people.  We are committed to bringing about God’s kingdom as the prophet Micah envisioned through prayer, the giving of resources, education, and opportunities for involvement with our neighbors in need.  For more information, please contact Jenny Simonton by filling out this contact form.

Christ Church Awards Collaboration Grant

The Outreach Committee has taken a bold step in encouraging nonprofit organizations to align missions in a special collaboration grant process this year. In this first year of this process, Christ Church awarded $25,000 to the following organizations joined together: Richardson Park CAP, In Her Shoes, Friendship House, and Calvary Presbyterian Church. These local charitable organizations will partner with Christ Church volunteers to provide services for our community's most vulnerable citizens. Richardson Park CAP and In Her Shoes will move into an office building on the campus of Calvary Presbyterian Church at 701 S. Maryland Avenue, which will reduce building costs for the two organizations and allow them to share case management services, providing for greater efficiency in meeting the clients' needs. Further, Richardson Park CAP is working with Friendship House, who will assist the smaller organization's long-term case management and data processing. This will also allow Friendship House a place in the community to meet with clients without having to purchase a new facility.

The Rev. Stephen Setzer says, "We're really excited about how this collaboration grant is going to assist two smaller organizations, Richardson Park CAP and In Her Shoes, to do the work that they can do better together, while also allowing a larger organization, Friendship House, to move into a neighborhood without having to make a significant capital investment. The life of the city will only be bettered by increasing the weight of important community anchors such as these. I'm glad that Christ Church can have a part in the good work that is already happening."

Christ Church has been present in the Wilmington community for 169 years and for decades has contributed significantly to nonprofit organizations working directly with the poor. Funding for this comes from two primary sources: 1) The Green Show, an annual fund-raiser held every December since 1953; and 2) the parish's operating budget. Together these produce over $200,000 in financial contributions each year. This gift to the community is made because of Christ Church's commitment to the words of the Gospel when Jesus says, "Just as you did it to one of the least of these, you did it to me."

Christ Church's Impact in the Community

Our rector asked some of our outreach partners what our stewardship means to them.  Click here to read what they wrote.