"What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?" - Micah 6:8

This ministry provides the framework for our community to live out its baptismal covenant as a Christian people.  We are committed to bringing about God’s kingdom as the prophet Micah envisioned through prayer, the giving of resources, education, and opportunities for involvement with our neighbors in need.  For more information, please contact Jamie Jones by filling out this contact form.

Christ Church's Impact in the Community

Our rector asked some of our outreach partners what our stewardship means to them.  Here is what they wrote:

Camp Arrowhead:  To describe how Christ Church supports Camp Arrowhead is to describe how love, respect, and care interact to make the world a better place.  Your parishioners were a critical part of the Camp’s inception when it was purchased in 1954.  Since then, the relationship between Christ Church and Camp Arrowhead has flourished through your gifts of time, talents, and treasure.  CCCH members have served on past boards and provided numerous counselors and staff members, as well as our past Executive Director and good friend Rufus Miller.  (We have just signed the commitment for the conservation easement on the property, which is a wonderful part of his legacy.)  Council continues to support about 8% of our income, in part because of your yearly contribution to the Diocese…something that many are not even aware of!  Your stewardship to camp scholarship throughout the years has been a blessing in itself.  We can never know how a time at camp has affected so many deserving campers.  Other times when we have put out a call for something critically needed (like a dump truck), you have been so gracious and quick to respond.  As director, what is most important to me has been the strong fellowship that exists between the Arrowhead and CCCH communities, such that it reflects a true sense of “one body.”  We give blessed thanks for all you have and continue to do for this ministry. - Walt Lafontaine

Clothing Bank of Delaware:  It is 3:00 PM on Thursday afternoon as I say goodbye to the five smiling job trainees from the Clothing Bank of Delaware.  I am not sure why they are still smiling after a long day of working in the warehouse.  They have been on their feet most of the day, sorting donations, filling orders, cleaning, organizing, and working on their resumes and mock interviews.  Tomorrow, their day off, will not be filled with rest.   They will be applying and searching for their next job as recommended by the job training program.  Yet they leave here filled with happiness and hope.  I am leaving right behind them exhausted but with a heart filled with gratitude.  I am grateful to be working with a group of women who are committed to rebuilding their lives.  It is an amazing experience to be witness to the transformation of a woman who was once broken gain the momentum to succeed and be independent.  I am incredibly thankful for churches like Christ Church that are supporting this program.  Without the prayerful and financial support from you, these women would not have the opportunity to relearn work skills or have a safe environment to reinvent their lives.  May we all continue to see God’s Grace in the women he places in our humble hands. - Kathy Graham

Connecting Generations:  The generosity and support of Christ Church has enabled Connecting Generations to help an increasing number of at-risk children build social and emotional skills, improve behaviors, and support academic achievement.  Over many years, Christ Church has provided direct financial support for a broad array of programs and services, such as one-to-one in-school mentoring for K-12 students and anti-bullying workshops for elementary schools.  Because of this support, we have been able to grow programs we know are successful as well as pilot new programs that schools desperately want and need.  A great example is our Character Climb program, which we have been piloting and refining for the past three years.  Character Climb matches 4th and 5th grade students with younger students in the same school; together the students develop confidence and self-esteem and build crucial goal-setting and leadership skills. The pilot programs have served 500 students and have been extraordinarily well received.  Overall, funding from Christ Church has allowed Connecting Generations to serve over 10,000 students from diverse backgrounds across Delaware.  Directly and indirectly, Christ Church has been a reliable and supportive friend, wise counselor, and a lively center of knowledge sharing. - Brian Gaerity

Friendship House:  When I think of Christ Church’s long ministry partnership with Friendship House, I naturally dwell on our women’s housing program.  In 1989 Christ Church founded the first Epiphany House for women in the vacant parsonage of Calvary Episcopal Church on Fourth Street, and in 1990 it hired Friendship House to manage it.   Over the next 25 years, amidst all the changes at Christ Church, Friendship House, and Women’s Housing, that partnership has never wavered.  Annually, the good people of Christ Church support this ministry with their time, talents, and treasure.  Today the Friendship House women’s housing program is a multi-stage, holistic empowerment program that provides displaced women in crisis with a safe, supportive environment and intensive programming and case management.  More than 1,000 women have used its sanctuary and service as a stepping stone to a better life.  Four of its six houses (the new Epiphany House and Ashford House) were made possible by the generosity of Christ Church parishioners.  Your members continue to serve on our board, volunteer at many of our programs, and support our ministry with their generous giving.  Of the 100 faith communities that sustain Friendship House, Christ Church holds a very special place in our hearts. - Bill Perkins

Reading Assist Institute:  Reading Assist Institute was able to leverage Christ Church support with corporations, foundations, and individuals to raise the funds necessary to create and implement the Reading Assist Reading Corps.  Reading Assist is the only nonprofit in Delaware delivering intensive reading intervention to low-income students at their school, on a daily basis.  Thank you, Christ Church, for the many years of support. We couldn’t do it without you! - Donna Fierro

UrbanPromise:  UrbanPromise has been blessed bountifully by the generous support of Christ Church.  You have impacted the lives of hundreds of children in Wilmington’s poorest neighborhoods.  Your support over the last decade has given scores of teens their first job, supported their families, provided tutoring, mentoring, and loving relationships that have directed dozens of them onto a path through college and to a life with promise and options.  Christ Church has played a key role in funding staff vital to coaching our youth.  Your gifts have provided practical pathways to achieve socioeconomic and racial justice, to build bridges and live the gospel meaningfully. Christ Church’s generous spirit is matched by your investment in building relationships with our clients and staff.  We praise God for all you’ve done to love us and our youth. God bless your ministry. - Rob Prestowitz

Wilmington Senior Center:  Christ Church has been a faithful and generous donor to Wilmington Senior Center for many years.  Financial support from the church enables us to help grandparents who are raising their grandchildren, often because of parental drug and alcohol abuse, incarceration, mental or physical illness, abuse and neglect. Grandparents turn to us for help finding financial assistance, housing, and legal guidance.  They are desperate for personal support in their very challenging role, which we offer through our professional staff and peer support group.  Christ Church funds pay part of our social worker’s salary and are also used to buy school clothes and Christmas presents.  In addition to the grant, the Outreach Committee graciously shares gifts with grandmothers for Mother’s Day and other holidays, and this year our support group benefited from the Stewards of Children training provided by your rector.  Thanks to Christ Church and other contributors, grandparents sacrificing their retirement can provide safe, nurturing homes where their grandchildren thrive and succeed. - Sue Getman