Make Your Annual Pledge for 2019

What do we give?

Giving means sharing the riches that come to us, ultimately from God. We give our work, our wisdom, and our wealth. We could not have a church without those who give so generously of time and talents to create the ministries we offer. The offering of treasure is equally important. We give to make another gift possible - a church that gives faith, hope, and love to the world in need.

What is a pledge?

A pledge is a commitment to give financially for the church's ministry in the coming year. It is an offering to God. It is also an investment in Christ Church as your spiritual home and as a place of welcome and service to others. A pledge is the promise of a gift - a blessing and joy for both the giver and the Giver of all.

Why do we pledge?

Spiritually, we pledge for the joy of giving to God from the abundance God has given us.

Practically, we pledge both to allow the Vestry to plan for ministry in the coming year and to ensure the long-term vitality of our parish and its mission.

Ultimately, our pledges allow us to deliver on our ministry and mission and, with them, to touch lives in our parish, our community, and throughout the world.

Last year, 472 parish households pledged $1,269,099 and reached thousands of people who came for a baptism or a funeral, a concert or a wedding, weekly services and holy days, not to mention those touched by our preschool, our outreach in the local community, and our global missions.

When our pledged offerings grow, so does our ability to reach even more lives in ministry.

How much do we pledge?

Christ Church does not generate its own revenue. Giving by our members is our primary source of income and determines the work we can do together. Each member household decides how much to pledge to provide for our ministries and care for our property so that the church is equipped to support and serve all of us.

  • Please start with gratitude, giving thanks for all God's gifts and blessings in your life.
  • Determine, within your own heart, how much you will pledge to support the work of Christ Church. Some consider their pledge a sacrificial offering, a tithe or percentage returned to God from the gifts God has given. Others set a dollar amount relative to other contributions.
  • Consider what Christ Church means to you and the ministry we share; make your pledge a joyful reflection of God's own generosity and grace.

For questions on financial stewardship or opportunities to get involved, please contact Martha Holler, Stewardship Chair, by filling out this contact form.