Each year, our Stewardship Committee prepares for our annual gathering of financial pledges. The 2016-17 theme of "Generous Giving for Growth" included goals of 600 giving households, a 7% overall increase in pledges, and a tone of being spiritual, uplifting, and bold. Our main message was to convey that every pledge extends our reach and allows us to fulfill our spiritual mission. To date, we have 547 giving households, including 52 new pledges, with the total amount pledged below our goal. To make a pledge for 2017 or to increase your pledged amount, click here.  For more information or to help plan next year's campaign, please contact Martha Holler, Stewardship Team Chair.

Make Your Annual Pledge for 2017

Generous Giving for Growth

To pledge online, click here.

We come together at Christ Church Christiana Hundred for community and companionship:

as parents raising spiritual children;
as youth on a quest for meaning in life;
as children learning the fullness of God’s love;
as adults finding a welcome so we are not alone;
as seekers looking for deeper answers to difficult questions;
as stressed and stretched people looking for serenity and support;
as servants working alongside others who strive to make the world a better place;
as Christians gathering to worship God and learn the Way of Jesus;
as sisters and brothers ready to celebrate together all of our blessings.

We create ministries and programs to foster spiritual growth, and our strong sense of community allows each person to enter and engage as they choose. Being a part of this parish expands heart and soul, soothing us in times of trial and strengthening us for compassion in the wider world in ways that witness the essence of Christ's teachings, fulfilling God's purpose.

A strong and vibrant church needs a commitment from each member or household to provide the resources that allow us to fulfill our spiritual mission. Each pledge extends our reach.

With a stronger financial base we could:

  • continue funding our complement of clergy and staff who provide ministries and programs to foster spiritual growth
  • invest in reaching new people through our offerings of worship, prayer, and music, learning and care, fellowship and outreach
  • continue efforts that expand our reach to young adults and families
  • increase our giving to those beyond our walls
  • replenish funding for the care of our 22-acre campus, which was reduced in last year's budget.

Such a call requires a large investment by our member households. This year we seek a 7% increase in parish giving to fully fund our mission.  We ask every member to prayerfully reflect on how they will support Christ Church with a pledge.

  • If this is your first time making a pledge to Christ Church (or to any congregation), please read the brochure, How to Determine a Pledge, or speak with any of the clergy.
  • Please consider offering a weekly pledge of $50, which adds up to an annual pledge of $2,600.  
  • If you were moved to increase your pledge last year, thank you!  By continuing your commitment, you will help lead others to this good ministry of generous giving for growth for the increase of our faith community.
  • If you were not able to increase your pledge last year, perhaps this is the year to commit to an increase.  This meaningful and significant commitment, when matched with our other income, supports our current ministry while affording an expanded reach to those beyond our walls.

For questions on financial stewardship or opportunities to help, please contact Martha Holler, Stewardship Chair, by filling out this contact form.