Christ Church has a long history of outreach ministry in the local community.  Each year we allocate more than 10% of our annual budget to support local agencies that address poverty, specifically those agencies that provide food, shelter, clothing, and education. Christ Church parishioners have a strong volunteer presence in the community, giving their time and talent in everything from serving on boards of directors to hands-on, one-on-one ministries.

As well as caring for our neighbors, Christ Church has a number of parishioner-led pastoral ministries that provide meals, rides, flowers, notes of care, support, visits, Holy Communion, and hand-knitted shawls to anyone who needs them.  Our clergy make pastoral care a priority.  Our congregation is committed to following Jesus in service and to fulfilling the Great Commandment to love God and neighbor.

In response to the grace of God in Jesus Christ that we receive as baptized members of the body of Christ and as members of the faithful Christian community, all members of Christ Church are encouraged to give generously of their time, talent, and treasure to serve and support the church and local community.  We encourage each person to consider his or her financial gift to the church as a spiritual exercise, as an offering of thanksgiving in light of the gifts and grace that each of us receives from God.