Walking with Integrity

Posted by Ruth Beresford on

Integrity is a constant measure of our faith witness. If we say we love our neighbors but our actions tell a different story, our devotion is fake, opposed to God's way. We become hypocrites, like those who challenged Jesus as he taught the way of salvation. In the gospel passage last Sunday and this, Jesus is tested by those who believe they know more than he does about the way of God. On the other hand, our passage from Exodus reminds us that Moses was so close to God that his integrity was unequaled in all of Israel. Moses trusted God to the limit, with all his heart, his soul, his mind, and strength for all the length of his days.

Most of us fall somewhere between the hypocrite and the spiritual hero. Or we find our faith waxing and waning like cycles of the moon, full of hope and compassion, then dark with doubt or selfishness. Yet if we are to convince others that a "with God" life, a spiritual or faith-filled life brings any measure of morality, any peace or blessing, then we need to manifest moral lives in relationships of peace and blessing. Right now, just as in every age, the world needs the example, the witness of our walk with God. But how do we do that? How do you stay close to God and walk with integrity? Many spiritual writers have recommended the practice of gratitude. It is one sign among many that we can use, in word and in action, to demonstrate blessing in our lives. Giving thanks to God and expressing thanks to people - the neighbor, the stranger, the friend - for any goodness is one way to witness the loving kindness of God. Generosity is another.

As we approach the ingathering of pledges for 2018 this Sunday at all our worship services, my prayer is that we present our pledges with glad and generous hearts, to serve God humbly in word and action. As we give thanks for the ministry of Carolyn and George Karney, we celebrate two who have been lights in their service to God and to neighbor. I hope our combined witness can be a light of sincerity and truth that helps illuminate the path for others who need to know the powerful blessing of God's love.


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