Take a Step Back

Posted by Stephen Setzer on

You know it's good sometimes to take a step back and think about our lives and wonder to ourselves about the big questions of our existence: Who am I? What have I been doing, and does that conflict with what I want to be doing? To step back and ask ourselves if we're the kind of people that we want to be and to ask if we're living the kind of life that we want to live. 

These questions are important because they give us perspective, and they can help us to refocus our attention on the things that are really important; they can help us refocus on the relationships that matter most. The answers to these questions may not differ from the answers you gave yourself a year ago or five years ago, but if you're anything like me then there's bound to be an alteration, maybe ever-so-slight, but an alteration nonetheless. Taking a step back, on the surface, may not seem like the most efficient use of time or energy, but in the long run taking a step back might just make all the difference in the world. 

This Sunday we're going to be taking a step back to think about our life together at Christ Church. In the sermon at 8 and 9 AM, I'm going to be asking the bigger questions about who we are as followers of Christ and what we have done and what we are being called to do. 

It's our Annual Meeting Sunday, and after the 9 AM service, Ruth Beresford and Joe Zakielarz will be sharing their reflections on the past year for our parish and some of the highlights along the way. We're going to be celebrating four Vestry members who are coming to the end of their faithful service of leadership, while welcoming four new Vestry members who will be announced at the meeting. It's going to be a great Sunday when we get an opportunity to take a step back so that our next steps forward can be stronger than ever.

See you this Sunday!


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