Renewal of Love

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We are standing on the threshold of the great three days, the most holy time in the year. On Tuesday, I had the privilege of attending the service for the renewal of my ordination vows and of the baptismal covenant, the promises we all make when we enter the Christian way of life. If you recall, at his own baptism, a voice proclaimed to Jesus, "You are my beloved. With you I am well pleased." Lent has been a time for us to examine our lives to see why God is pleased with us and to amend those life choices that are drawing us away from God's good pleasure. We have confessed. We have repented. We have heard that God loves us, forgives us, restores us, and empowers us with the Holy Spirit to continue life in the fullness of love. Hear it again - you are God's beloved.

We come now to the worship of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, to hear the story of our salvation in the Passion of Jesus, and to Easter, to celebrate the joy of our liberation from the ways of sin and death, accomplished in his death and resurrection. We come to renew our baptism, and for two candidates, to make the promises of baptism at the sunrise vigil service on Easter morn. The promises of baptism are renewed on Easter so that we leave our worship ready to claim our status as God's beloved - to be loved and to love with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

As God's holy and beloved ones, we see the world through Christian eyes, that is, through Christ's eyes, seeking the lost and lonely to draw them into his loving presence. We touch the world with Christian hands, that is, with Christ's hand of blessing, healing, and compassion, serving others in their need. We shape the world with Christian witness, that is, with a testimony that proclaims the power of love for every life, sharing how Jesus has forgiven, restored, and empowered our lives today. We live into the Easter life, a resurrection power that says love springs eternal, arising from the well of grace in Christ our Lord.

I look forward to our worship these great, holy days.

Happy Easter!

Let the life that was in Christ Jesus, O God, be in us, and let it be radiated from us and through us to other people. Give us the power and the grace to go out into our world and live as though Christ were living in us, that our world may be raised from death to life. Amen. - by Theodore Parker Ferris


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