Keep Christmas 

Posted by Ruth Beresford on

When do you put Christmas away? Many folks decorated their homes just after Thanksgiving, and the tree looks a little tired now. Some people wait for Green Show and decorate in early December, while others get their trees up just in time for Christmas Eve. I guess the take-down time depends on whether Christmas is a day or a season. When Christmas is December 25th, it makes sense for the decorations to come down as soon as it's convenient. When Christmas is a season, the full twelve days between the Feast of the Incarnation and the Feast of the Epiphany, the decorations will come down in early January, though, truth be told, I've been known to keep the wreath on the door all the way to Ash Wednesday. No matter when you pack away the decorations, I encourage you to keep Christmas. What do I mean?

Keep the warmth of love that comes from Christmastime. Before the holiday, I saw a parishioner sharing her coupons with people waiting in line. The generosity, goodness, and loving kindness that radiate at Christmas can keep going even after the season ends. Keep the light of Christ shining. It is this light that illuminates the dark and sad corners we can get caught in and reminds us that we are never alone, never totally in the dark. Our Lord Emmanuel means "God with you" and serves as a reminder that we can act and react in ways that demonstrate the dignity and worth of every human being and overcome all the influences that seek to divide and dishearten us. You might think of other ways to keep Christmas in your home and your heart so that the world will know our Lord and Savior.

Put the decorations away whenever you choose, but keep Christmas out all year long.


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