For the Sake of the Children

Posted by Ruth Beresford on

I was not yet seven years old in 1968 when the world seemed to twist into unrest. I have a memory of a protest in Indianapolis following the assassination of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And those who are my elders will remember the international events of uproar - the million students marching and rioting in Paris, the Prague Spring, the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, the protests and riots in many cities around the nation and the world - protests for civil rights, against the Vietnam War, and more. Then, my parents shielded me from the news, so I was blissfully unaware of most of it. Now, I wonder how our wifi-connected young children experience the world, unshielded from all its strife. What effect does the news have on the child's psyche, the child's soul? How do we provide solace to balance the strife or confidence to meet the challenges?

This Sunday our 4th and 5th grade members will be leading the prayers of the people, which they wrote together. They followed the outline in The Book of Common Prayer, composing petitions for the Church, the Nation and all in authority, for the welfare of the world, and the concerns of the local community. While it is clear to me that they are not shielded from the news, they are able to take their concerns to God in prayer. They have many concerns. Their prayer is heartfelt and sincere. I hope you will be with us in worship at 9:00 AM to pray with them. As we pray together, we bring to God our concerns and receive God's guidance for the purpose of our days - how we will share in the ministry of Jesus with one another and for the sake of the whole world.

We need to know our parish children, to listen to them and their concerns for the world, and to share with them our prayers and commitment to live as children of God, followers of Jesus, guided by the Holy Spirit each day. This community and commitment is the solace we all seek to balance the strife that surrounds us each day, the confidence (literally faith-together) that meets the challenges of life.


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