Easter 2017

Posted by Ruth Beresford on

We approach the most important feast days in the Christian year. Maundy Thursday recalls Christ's commands, both to love one another in humble service and to break bread as a remembrance of Jesus always with us. Good Friday commands us to face death with all our sorrow and fears, remembering that the death Jesus suffered on the cross he endured to bring salvation to all. Our Vigil Watch keeps us awake from sunset on Saturday, alert for the signs of new life stirring in our hearts and in the life of the world. Easter morning is all about worship's joyful celebration of our liberation from the ways of sin and death - liberation accomplished in the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus.

With Easter's joy we renew the vows of baptism at each service so that we leave our worship ready to claim our status as those set free and blessed for new life in Christ. As God's holy and beloved ones, we see the world through Christian eyes, that is, through Christ's eyes. We touch the world with Christian hands, that is, with Christ's hand of blessing and compassion. We shape the world with Christian witness, that is, with Christ's influence on behalf of the hurting and oppressed. We live into the Easter life, a resurrection power that says love and joy and hope spring eternal from the source of grace in Christ our Lord. This is good work and the work of goodness for a world so much in need.


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alan robb Apr 13, 2017 6:23pm

So beautifully written.