May 23

A Missionary Bishop

Ruth BeresfordMission

I touched his moccasin. Well, not really - I touched the small stone moccasin of a statue of the first missionary bishop, Jackson Kemper (commemorated today in our calendar of saints). As a child, I passed that statue every time I came in the side entrance of the nave, and I'd rub his toe more

Apr 18

Heaven Day on Earth Day

Ruth BeresfordMission

This Sunday will be Earth Day. As the beauty of Spring slowly unfolds, I give thanks to God for the creation and recall the fifth of the Five Marks of Mission. These five statements were developed for the Anglican Communion (of which our church is a member) to clarify the mission of more

Apr 11

Being Church

Ruth BeresfordMission

While on holiday, I visit churches. My husband, David, and I worshiped with the congregation that sponsored him for ordination, a beautiful church in Brighton, England. Its beauty was not only in the architecture but also in the people we made communion with - people of all ages and stages more

Mar 07

A Hospitality Mindset

Ruth BeresfordMission

We have talented members who use their gifts and skills to shape the world around us according to the wisdom and will of God and with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Kendall Massett is such a Christian. For five years she has been the Executive Director of the Delaware Charter more