May 16

The Ministry of the Child

Ruth BeresfordFaith

Each week small clusters of children have gathered in our Education Wing on Sunday to hear the cycle of sacred stories, sharing our faith. Adults become ministers to children, trained to lead Godly Play circles - our spiritual formation rooted in a Montessori theory of education. We believe more

May 09

Begotten, Not Made

Ann UrinoskiFaith

Do these words sound familiar? We say them every time we say the Nicene Creed, and we declare a statement of our faith every time we worship together, whether it's the Nicene Creed, the Apostles' Creed, or our Baptismal Covenant. These words articulate our faith in God, and their source has more

Mar 21

Were You There?

Ruth BeresfordFaith

As a child, I loved Holy Week for its worship. Each service told part of the story of Jesus. My favorite service was Tenebrae, when the story of the crucifixion was told in scripture and song as the church got darker and darker. Singing in the girls’ choir, the last song more

Feb 28

Will You Renounce?

Ruth BeresfordFaith

Two weeks ago I posted a message on our congregation's Facebook page about the Ash Wednesday massacre at a high school in Parkland, Florida, asking for more than prayers for us who follow the Prince of Peace. Among all the touching images I had seen in digital and print media was of a more

Feb 21

Just As I Am

Ruth BeresfordFaith

You have seen the news that Billy Graham has died Wednesday, February 21 at the age of 99. I never went to a revival or saw one on TV, but if you were paying attention at all in the last half of the 20th century, you knew Billy Graham was an influential evangelist for Jesus Christ, and not more