Can We Test God?

Posted by Stephen Setzer on

Well, yes and no. First of all, by definition God is beyond us. In Christian theology we call this "transcendence." God is above and beyond anything that we can know. The point of Christian theology is that God, who is above and beyond, came near to us and made himself knowable through Jesus Christ. This is called the immanence of God, contrasted with the transcendence of God.

That we know anything at all about God is because God wants us to know it.

In Exodus 20 we get a really good artistic rendering of this chasm that exists between God and humanity, because Moses, the leader of Israel, gets called by God to climb a mountain. It's called Mount Sinai and when Moses reaches the top, God begins to speak to him. There's smoke that encircles the mountain, and there's thunder that cracks across it. All the while the people of Israel are standing down below looking up at that awe-inspiring scene. It's meant to conjure up in us this sense that God is beyond, and the only way the writer knows how to convey this is through smoke and thunder.

But God does want us to know something about himself, and that's where Jesus Christ becomes really important because he is "the image of the invisible" as St. Paul says in Colossians. God wants us to know him, and that fact changes everything - and I mean everything. So, because God wants us to know him we can, in fact, test God. However, the way we go about testing God makes all the difference, and that's what I'm going to be talking about on Sunday.

I'm excited to be preaching the first sermon in our new series entitled "Testing The Limits." 

I hope to see you Sunday!


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