By Words and Signs and Actions

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" words and signs and actions" (Hymn 448, v. 3 excerpt)

Summer is over. Perish the thought, but it's true! Here at Christ Church, in your personal life and in our civic life, things change with the end of summer and the arrival of fall. Programs and activities shift from summer mode to a more active and fully engaged schedule in the fall. This shift is a marker for us individually and corporately that there is different work to do, different obligations to meet, and different opportunities to embrace. Here at Christ Church, our service schedule will change, our choirs will return, our formation activities will gear up, and our preschool will be roaring with learning, singing, and the laughter of children. Seasonal changes like this are important markers for us all.

As far as our Music Program goes, you are most warmly invited to participate in the St. Cecilia Choir (adults), the St. Nicholas Choir (grades K-2), or the St. Gregory Choir (grades 3-9). Yes, we have expanded the children's music offerings to include children through the 9th grade! These choirs assist our congregation in worship, form bonds of affection between participants, and offer, especially for children of our parish, excellent musical instruction and camaraderieIf you are interested in participation in the music program, please contact Bruce Barber (adults) and Nadine DiLorenzo (children) as soon as possible. In fact, during the month of September we will offer a Musical Open House; come to a choir rehearsal and check it out. Rehearsals are:

Children - Thursdays in the Chapel
4:15-5:00     St. Nicholas Choir
4:30-5:30     St. Gregory Choir
(They overlap for 30 minutes.)

Adults - Thursday, September 21 in Parish Hall A
7:00-8:30     St. Cecilia Choir

Also, by now you should have received the Christ Church Music Brochure in the mail. First, there are plenty more here for you to take and share with your neighbors and friends. You know, we talk (and usually worry) about "growing" our parish. Our Music Brochure puts in your very hands one of the most comprehensive documents you can share with your friends and neighbors that tells much about the life of the Christ Church community - and the entry is music. Of course, once people get here, they will see how much more there is to this fantastic community, but often, finding entry is the tough part. Let our Music Brochure be a useful tool for you as you reach out to friend and neighbor and invite them to join you at Christ Church.

One of the important facets of our musical season is our Concert Series. This year, we have moved from a ticket entrance format to a donation entrance format - we DO NOT want to turn anyone away nor put an unnecessary road block (ticket) in people's way to attend. We need your support to do this. The Ministry Budget of the parish only supports this outreach venture in a modest way, and our offerings are anything but modest! Inside the Music Brochure you will find an envelope which you may use to enclose a donation to the Christ Church Concert Fund. Also, you may click here to make a donation online. Your donation is completely tax deductible and will go exclusively to the presentation of the concert events listed in the brochure - and these events provide a perfect opportunity to invite others to Christ Church. We need your direct support.

I look forward to an amazing year of music making in this special place, and I look forward to seeing you at Christ Church!


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