Mar 28

Renewal of Love

Ruth BeresfordHoly Week

We are standing on the threshold of the great three days, the most holy time in the year. On Tuesday, I had the privilege of attending the service for the renewal of my ordination vows and of the baptismal covenant, the promises we all make when we enter the Christian way of life. If you more

Mar 21

Were You There?

Ruth BeresfordFaith

As a child, I loved Holy Week for its worship. Each service told part of the story of Jesus. My favorite service was Tenebrae, when the story of the crucifixion was told in scripture and song as the church got darker and darker. Singing in the girls’ choir, the last song more

Mar 07

A Hospitality Mindset

Ruth BeresfordMission

We have talented members who use their gifts and skills to shape the world around us according to the wisdom and will of God and with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Kendall Massett is such a Christian. For five years she has been the Executive Director of the Delaware Charter more