Sep 20

We the Lord's People

Ruth BeresfordMission

I have a hundred favorite hymns, and one of them is We the Lord's People. It is about what we do on Sunday in our worship together. We gather in the name of the Lord, coming from several places - not only neighborhoods but also states of mind and soul - to become united as one more

Sep 12

Growth is Risky Business

Stephen SetzerJourney

Last Sunday we began a sermon series entitled "The Journey," in which we began to follow the Israelites on their journey from slavery to freedom - from Egypt, where they had spent 400 years, to modern-day Israel, called "The Promised Land" in the Old Testament Scriptures. It's a journey more

Sep 12

By Words and Signs and Actions

Bruce BarberMusic

" words and signs and actions" (Hymn 448, v. 3 excerpt) Summer is over. Perish the thought, but it's true! Here at Christ Church, in your personal life and in our civic life, things change with the end of summer and the arrival of fall. Programs and activities shift from summer mode to more

Sep 06

Remembering Sunday

Ruth BeresfordJourney

This Sunday is a significant day for Christ Church and an anniversary for me. This Sunday we gather for worship and to celebrate our congregation's ministry and fellowship with our traditional picnic. It's been our way of saying, "summer's over; let's get back to business." Who we are will more

Aug 30

Finding a Rhythm that Works

Stephen SetzerFaith

I spend a fair amount of time talking to people about faith and how they as individuals and families can develop their faith. And inevitably, in all this talking, the topic of busyness comes up - dad's busy, mom's busy, kids are busy - everyone's busy! And it's just so hard to find the time more

Aug 23

The Daily Prophetic Task

Ann UrinoskiFaith

But who do you say that I am? One leisure activity I have undertaken this summer is rereading the Harry Potter book series for the first time since its initial publication. I have just started rereading the fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which more

Aug 16

When God Does Something New

Stephen SetzerMission

Without question, the most important issue facing the church in the first few years after the life of Christ was this: What do we do with the Gentiles? Those people who were not Jews - the ones who did not have Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as fathers of their nation. The question in more

Aug 09

Lost and Found

Ann UrinoskiFaith

One of my favorite prayers begins: "My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going." I first learned this prayer - the Thomas Merton prayer - when I was in my early twenties, and it can apply to many situations. I have prayed it when I felt lost in South Africa, uncertain of where I should more

Aug 02

Who Do You Trust?

Stephen SetzerMission

One of the most important questions that we can ask in life is this: "Who do I trust?" When you think about it, trust is the foundation of society. It's the foundation of our individual lives in that we make contracts exclusively upon it - "To love and to cherish till death do us part. This more

Jul 26

Love: Unlimited

Ann UrinoskiLove

Before I went to seminary, one of my jobs was as a summer nanny to my cousin's kids. At ages six and two, their wildly open minds and curious spirits helped me see the world in ways my 20-something eyes couldn't. (Years later, this is still true for the now older children and my more