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Jul 26

Love: Unlimited

Ann UrinoskiLove

Before I went to seminary, one of my jobs was as a summer nanny to my cousin's kids. At ages six and two, their wildly open minds and curious spirits helped me see the world in ways my 20-something eyes couldn't. (Years later, this is still true for the now older children and my more

Jul 19

Louis CK, Saint Paul, and Learning How to Wait

Stephen SetzerFaith

One of the most popular comedians right now (and really for the past decade) is a guy by the name of Louis CK. If you've never heard of him, let me advise that he can be quite explicit, so be mindful of that before you do a YouTube search. However, in 2008 Louis CK appeared on late-night more

Jul 12

For the Common Good

Ruth BeresfordMission

Ten years ago, on July 9 I received a phone call that changed my life. I was called by the Search Committee, elected by the Vestry, and approved by the Bishop for a new ministry as the Rector of Christ Church Christiana Hundred. Whether as a rector or a bishop, to become an ordained more

Jul 05

Little Caesars Pizza and Promises to Myself

Stephen SetzerFaith

This Sunday we're going to be reading again from Paul's letter to the Romans. And this is how he comes out of the gates in Romans 7: "I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate." In a moment of great transparency, Paul discloses his more

Jun 28

The Power of the Vote

Ruth BeresfordMission

This is a good time to remember the birth of The Episcopal Church. It started in Philadelphia, around the same time our nation was founded. As we approach Independence Day (a holy day on our church calendar) and because we are in the final days before the election of our next bishop, I more

Jun 21

The Feast of St. Alban

Ann UrinoskiMission

This Sunday's gospel passage is a tough one: swords, family members turning against each other in their own homes, and the charge to take up the cross. When the news tells of violent acts and divisive politics, the opening verses of today's gospel passage offer no solace - at least not at more

Jun 07

Is God a Boy?

Ruth BeresfordFaith

Two marvelous stories reveal the nature of our God this Sunday, the feast of the Holy Trinity. We hear the creation story, as a wind from God sweeps over the deep chaos and forms light and life in all its variety. And in the Gospel from Matthew, the Risen Christ meets the disciples on more

Jun 01

Who's the Spirit Anyway?

Stephen SetzerFaith

This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost, which is when the church commemorates God's sending and us receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit. The story goes something like this. One day the disciples of Jesus were gathered together, and they heard a sound "like the rush of a violent wind" more

May 24

Where Jesus Is

Ruth BeresfordFaith

Today the church celebrates the Feast of the Ascension, forty days after the resurrection of our Lord. The seventh Sunday after Easter is sometimes called Ascension Sunday. After his resurrection appearances, the disciples shared an experience that they described as raising him up to God's more