Nov 08

Prayers in Church

Ruth BeresfordPrayer

It happens every week. Someone knows someone who needs our prayers because they are sick or facing surgery or have experienced a tragedy, so they contact the church and ask for prayers. Knowing the church is praying helps us to cope with the pain and loss we experience when the world or more

Oct 31

Pax Vobiscum.  Et cum spiritu tuum.

Bruce BarberFaith

The Latin literally means "Peace be with you" and then "And also with your spirit."  Or as we say each and every Sunday, "The peace of the Lord be always with you," to which we respond "And also with you." But what are we really doing? What does this mean? Did you more

Oct 25

Walking with Integrity

Ruth BeresfordFaith

Integrity is a constant measure of our faith witness. If we say we love our neighbors but our actions tell a different story, our devotion is fake, opposed to God's way. We become hypocrites, like those who challenged Jesus as he taught the way of salvation. In the gospel passage last more

Oct 18

Made in the Image of God

Ruth BeresfordMission

What does it mean to be "made in the image of God"? We understand that in the beginning, when God's energy created matter, God gave meaning to each aspect of creation. With each passing day, God called it all GOOD. When humans were made, God said VERY GOOD. As the story is told, God says, " more

Oct 11

Can Hospitality Be Learned?

Ruth BeresfordMission

I am among a generation of parents that warned our young children of "stranger danger." I wanted them to learn risk assessment, not to be so trusting in case the person had harmful intentions. This could have set patterns of suspicion, always an unwelcoming attitude. Yet my children also saw more

Oct 04

It's Too Much to Bear Alone

Ruth BeresfordFaith

"In the midst of life we are in death"; this begins a passage in the burial office of the Book of Common Prayer. Today, the words keep bubbling up. "In the midst of life we are in death; from whom can we seek help? From you alone, O Lord." Those words are to have been penned by more

Sep 27

Can We Test God?

Stephen SetzerTesting the Limits

Well, yes and no. First of all, by definition God is beyond us. In Christian theology we call this "transcendence." God is above and beyond anything that we can know. The point of Christian theology is that God, who is above and beyond, came near to us and made himself knowable through more

Sep 20

We the Lord's People

Ruth BeresfordMission

I have a hundred favorite hymns, and one of them is We the Lord's People. It is about what we do on Sunday in our worship together. We gather in the name of the Lord, coming from several places - not only neighborhoods but also states of mind and soul - to become united as one more

Sep 12

Growth is Risky Business

Stephen SetzerJourney

Last Sunday we began a sermon series entitled "The Journey," in which we began to follow the Israelites on their journey from slavery to freedom - from Egypt, where they had spent 400 years, to modern-day Israel, called "The Promised Land" in the Old Testament Scriptures. It's a journey more

Sep 12

By Words and Signs and Actions

Bruce BarberMusic

" words and signs and actions" (Hymn 448, v. 3 excerpt) Summer is over. Perish the thought, but it's true! Here at Christ Church, in your personal life and in our civic life, things change with the end of summer and the arrival of fall. Programs and activities shift from summer mode to more