Apr 19

Connecting and Caring

Ruth BeresfordMinistry

"Connecting and Caring" is the theme for our approaching Annual Parish Day (AKA Annual Meeting), where we lift up our ministries and celebrate God's blessings among us. As we continue the joy of Easter - of God's work in Christ Jesus that offers us life beyond death - and prepare for our May 21st more

Apr 12

Easter 2017

Ruth BeresfordEaster

We approach the most important feast days in the Christian year. Maundy Thursday recalls Christ's commands, both to love one another in humble service and to break bread as a remembrance of Jesus always with us. Good Friday commands us to face death with all our sorrow and fears, remembering that more

Apr 05

These Important Days

Ruth BeresfordLent

We approach the most important days in the life of the Church. It is the reason we are the Church: to witness the death and resurrection of Jesus, who is Christ, and to share his risen life in the power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus comes to save us, to fulfill the meaning of his name given more

Mar 29

Harden Not Your Hearts

Ann UrinoskiLent

"There were very many bones lying in the valley, and they were very dry." (Ezekiel 37:2) Occasionally, I binge watch a season of the show Once Upon a Time, a prime-time drama that weaves countless fairy tales and classic stories into one beautiful world that magically intertwines with more

Mar 22

We Will All Be Changed

Stephen SetzerFaith

There's a man outside who sits on the ground. Dirty clothes.Dirty beard.Can't work.Got no money.Begs for food or money or just anything. He's been doing this his entire life, because as you may have guessed, he's been blind his entire life. But one day a group of twelve men walks by, and the more

Mar 15

Living with Living Water

Ann UrinoskiFaith

In this past Sunday's gospel lesson from John, we hear Jesus tell Nicodemus that "No one can be born of the kingdom of God without being born of water and the Spirit" (John 3:5). As I shared this past Sunday, when I think about being born of the Spirit, I think about being open to going where the more

Mar 01

Two Questions

Ruth BeresfordFaith

Eighteen youth were gathered in a circle up on the labyrinth last Saturday as I asked them what they thought was evil. Our confirmation class had lots of examples as we talked about the first question they are asked by the bishop, "Do you reaffirm your renunciation of evil?" and the three more

Feb 20

Memory and a Mountain

Stephen SetzerFaith

Have you ever been on top of a mountain?What was it like? What did you see?What did you feel?  I haven't climbed a great many mountains, and none of the mountains I've climbed have been great! Most, in fact, have been quite small compared to Denali or Kilimanjaro or Everest. more

Feb 15

Faithfulness Turns Winter to Spring

Ruth BeresfordFaith

I don't know about you, but I've been cranky lately. More quick to jump to a conclusion without testing my assumptions, more judgmental and raw - I think the cold climate is getting to me. Not only winter, but the winter of our discontent. Because I don't like being cranky, I'm trying to fill my more