Grade 8

Exploring Our Faith, Leading to Confirmation

Lower Youth Room in the Rectory Annex
8th Grade youth explore their faith, reflect and study, and discern if they wish to be confirmed as adult members of the church.  Their classes cover many topics from the life of Jesus to Church history to the Rites and Sacraments of the Episcopal Church.  The classes are designed to help inform and form the youth so that they can grow their faith journey and become active members of the Christian Church.  The class also endeavors to create and sustain a Christian community where youth can feel free to explore the many physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges they face during adolescence.  The class includes participation in Sunday morning worship, Sunday morning class, a Confirmation retreat in February, outreach projects, and fellowship opportunities.

Please complete our registration form.  It is important that we have information about your child and contact information in case of an emergency.