Foyer Groups

What is a Foyer Group?

Foyer Groups are gatherings of six to eight parishioners who meet in one another’s homes to share a simple meal and fellowship.  They provide a means to develop new friendships and deepen old ones and are a way to make our sometimes-too-large parish feel smaller and warmer.  Foyer Groups encourage the informal exchange of ideas and experiences within friendly home surroundings and in a Christian context.

How will Foyer Groups be set up?

You’ll be randomly grouped with three or four other singles and couples, potentially from different circles of the parish community and in varying phases of life.  We will take into consideration your preferences regarding smoking, alcohol, and pets in the home and will mail you contact information for your group, as well as a list of suggestions for how to get started.

Sounds like fun!  How do I sign up?

Foyer Groups

Please complete this form and press Send.


Please indicate specific food/pet allergies, preferences for smoking and alcohol, or if you wish to include children in your foyer group.

It sounds interesting, but I’m not sure...

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers, click here.

For more information, please contact Cathy Welsh by filling out this contact form.