The Story

The Story

The Story is a book containing large sections of the Bible in chronological order. Our clergy will preach through the entire story of the Bible, as we read along as a parish within the span of nine months. Each week, we’ll cover one chapter, approximately 10 pages of text. Our Growth Groups will go deeper into The Story as small groups, and even our youth will learn from the same readings. There's an individual study guide too that corresponds to each chapter where you can go deeper on your own.

Once a month a special "Behind The Story Session" takes place in the Chapel at 10 AM where we'll get a closer look at the text with Christian scholars and leaders from universities and local organizations. On September 23, The Rev. Stephen Setzer will kick off the series with "Why the Story Matters."

If you’re interested in joining a Growth Group or just learning more about how you can take your biblical knowledge and experience of Christianity to the next level, please reach out to Stephen.

A New Hope: September 16-30

  • Creation
  • God Builds a Nation
  • Joseph

Behind The Story: September 23
Why The Story Matters, Stephen Setzer

Promises: October 7-28

  • Deliverance
  • New Commands
  • Wandering
  • The Battle Begins

Behind The Story: October 7
Understanding the Old Testament, Dennis Olsen, Princeton Theological Seminary

The Incredibles: November 4-25

  • A Few Good Men and Women
  • The Faith of a Foreign Woman
  • Standing Tall, Falling Hard
  • From Shepherd to King

Behind The Story: November 4
topic and speaker to be announced