To be Christian means to be a part of community.  That’s the essence of our faith:  we belong to God and to one another in Christ Jesus.  It is even a part of the Covenant in Baptism; we promise to continue in learning and fellowship, just as the first Christians did in the story of the early church in the book of Acts.  Our rector often reminds us that the Church is one of the last intergenerational communities, where relationships are built across typical dividing lines of family, age, class, and culture.  We strive to make all other labels fall away when you drive onto the church grounds.  We treasure our common life and build caring and supportive relationships with each other.

We gather to let inquiring and discerning hearts explore the meaning of Christian faith as children, youth, and adults.  We find our lives richer by joining in learning with and from one another. We speak of children and youth ministries because their spiritual lives are being formed in service and holy conversations with one another and with the adults who mentor them.  We gather in fellowship, a wonderful custom of connection where you can be yourself and meet others in safety and mutuality.

Here we all are Christians, gathered to learn together, play together, and be known by our love.