Mission, Vision, and Principles

As members of Christ Church Christiana Hundred, we hold in common:

Our Mission

As followers of Christ, we share the beauty and power of God's transforming love through worship, community, and service in the world.

This is what we do together as Christ Church Christiana Hundred.

Our Vision

By God's grace, we will be BOLD to:

  • deepen our faith and inspire Christian witness
  • serve with courage and love
  • extend generous hospitality and sanctuary
  • grow our congregation and increase engagement
  • uphold our Episcopal Identity
  • proclaim the movement of the Holy Spirit in our midst

This is what we see ourselves becoming, our most excellent incarnation of God’s purposes for this congregation.

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles name the values, the norms, and standards that we hold in common as we do the work of God together.  These principles are reviewed to keep them relevant to our practices, our decision-making, and our life together.

  • We inspire and equip people to live in Christ.
  • We reflect God's transforming love for ourselves, for each other, and for our neighbors in what we say and do, seeking and serving Christ in everyone as we use the Baptismal Covenant in our lives.
  • We discern God's will in all things through prayer.
  • We hold Episcopal worship and identity as central to our Christian life and excellence in music as essential to our parish, offering diverse services to meet our members' needs.
  • We encourage and provide education and spiritual formation for our children, youth, adults, and neighbors through our church and our preschool.
  • We treasure our common life and build caring and supportive relationships with each other through our worship, parish programs, and loving service.
  • We respect each other and value integrity and transparency in our communication and mutual ministry.
  • With God’s grace, we welcome and accept all who join us as we grow in faith, fellowship, understanding, and compassion for all whom God has created.
  • We commit ourselves to a generous ministry of love, reconciliation, hope, and justice as we care for others beyond our parish family.
  • We strive to be good stewards of God's creation, God's resources, God's gifts, and God's sanctuary, honoring the legacy, tradition, and beauty of our church while remaining open to change that deepens our spiritual growth.

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